Crystal Pink and Red Petunias Platter (Multi-Purpose)

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100% of the sale of this Crystal Pink and Red Petunias Platter goes directly to the PTO so we can create events for the students! No Shipping! Simply send an email to  and share your ideal date to pick it up at the school! 

This lovely and unique glass platter fills you with nostalgia. Its vintage charm of yester-year reminds you of happy times gone bye. It beautifully background showcases the lovely pinkish- reddish colorful petunias ( as you would see blooming during springtime here in Georgia). 

This beautiful crafted crystal platter is very versatile. It’s perfect for whatever your heart’s content. Please your mail on it, bills to pay or cookies.  It’s excellent  for entertaining and hosting a holiday google-meets party  with co-workers. It’s also perfect for  sharing meals with your friends and family.  

PTO would like to Thank Mrs. Stephanie Kieszak Holloway, Wife  of Mr. Richard Holloway. Mother of  Two Titans that attend Tapestry Public Charter School: Miss Kendra Holloway and Mr. Richard Holloway Jr. 

Mrs. Stephanie Kieszak Holloway, has donated this item and 100 % of the proceeds of the selling of this item , go directly into the PTO paypal account.