Three Trees

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Three Trees Handmade by Ben Coleman

Are you looking for a very unique gift to give someone that you love or to give yourself?  Then look no further with these beautiful  handmade Three Trees by Ben Coleman. The Three Trees are :

  • 29 in tall
  • 10 in wide
  • Base is 9x11
  • 10 pounds Tree 1. 39’ tall. 29’ wide
  • Tree 2. 37’ tall. 19’ wide
  • Tree 3. 28’ tall. 19’ wide
  • Unique
  • A set of 3
  • Handmade
  • Great topic of conversation on your zoom and Google - meet celebration for the holidays
PTO is grateful to Mr. Ben Coleman, (Ms. Julie Coleman Kegley’s brother and uncle to Mr. Riley Kegley;  a student at Tapestry) he will donate 10% of the proceeds generated by the sale of these  Three Trees.